About Francois Keyser

Early in my life, I learned to escape into the imaginary life within the pages of books.

It was hardly surprising that I yearned to continue this experience by becoming a published author.

I first pursued a career that took me from South Africa to the Middle East and subsequently South East Asia, before finally returning to my dream.

I authored the first and second “Junglies” series of children’s books which I self-published before being asked to write a series of children’s books for the Indonesian publisher, PT. Kanisius. The series was published in the Indonesian language and is titled, ‘Seri Hewan Unik’.

Following the children’s books, I wrote Fantasy and Romance novels which have been self-published.

I am deeply and sincerely grateful to my wife, and our two daughters for their undying love, support, and belief in me while I pursued the realization of my dream to be an author.

Please follow the pages listed in the drop-down menu linked to this page for more details regarding my books.

With love and gratitude,


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