The second Junglies series

This is the second series of Junglies children’s books. These stories are ideal for children up to the age of eight years.

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The Junglies Haunt a Castle

The Junglies Haunt a Castle on Amazon

The Junglies find a deserted castle and decide to explore it without waiting for Jungle Man to arrive. They soon find themselves being haunted, but who is doing the haunting?

A good story for Halloween

The Visitor

The Visitor on Amazon

A visitor has come to the jungle and it seems that he has eaten Abbit the rabbit!

This story introduces readers to shedding and moulting in animals.

It also teaches readers not to judge a book by its cover.

Kiki in the Bottle

Kiki in the Bottle on Amazon

Kiki finds a bottle in the jungle but he doesn’t know what it is. On his way to ask Jungle Mn about it he gets his head stuck inside it.

Will his friends be able to save him?

This story introduces children to littering and recycling.

The Junglies and the Last Banana

The Junglies and the Last Banana on Amazon

Earth has run out of bananas. The Junglies have to fetch a banana tree from the moon where they meet aliens looking for Earth…

Can they stop the aliens from finding us? This is a story that highlights the need for conservation to young readers.

The Junglies Play Hide and Seek

The Junglies Play Hide and Seek on Amazon

Jungle Man teaches the Junglies how to use camouflage to hide in their natural surroundings.

Then they play hide and seek to see who has listened and learned. This story introduces young readers to the concept of camouflage.

The Train Ride

The Train Ride on Amazon

Jungle Man is taking the Junglies to the beach.

When Kiki gets to drive the train, things quickly go wrong…

Can they stop the train and avoid disaster?

This story teaches readers about teamwork, persistence and problem solving.

The Junglies at the Beach

The Junglies at the Beach on Amazon

After surviving the near disaster of the runaway train, the Junglies just want to have fun. They meet a mermaid who grants each of them one wish but their wishmust help others. What will they wish for?

This story teaches children about the importance of being helpful.