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Book cover of 'Cold Feet', Francois' latest romance novel now available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and other platforms.


we should be teaching our children…

When I wrote this book in the ‘Junglies’ series, I was thinking about the news I had read that scientists had begun searching for a planet that could be a new earth if it so happened that we as mankind could not get our act together and save what we have by showing and making…

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The Beauty in All of Us

I returned to South Africa at the beginning of this year after an absence of more than five years. I had left to work overseas 12 years before and returned a few times for vacation only. I am staying with my parents in a beautiful seaside town called ‘Jeffreys Bay’. As children we would spend…

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It was always my dream to be an author since I first learned to read. I realised I had dreams of writing and telling my own stories and creating worlds that other people could escape into if only for a short while, the same way I loved to escape into the worlds in the books I enjoyed reading.

I only returned to my childhood dream just over a decade ago and began the process of writing and learning hard lessons. I made many mistakes, expensive mistakes, but those mistakes were all part of my learning and today, they are part of my knowledge of writing and publishing and I am still learning.

It always makes me happy when I can share what I know with others and help them make better informed decisions as writers while also possibly avoiding the mistakes I made along the way.

That having been said, I always sought a publishing contract with a traditional publisher and it has taken me over a decade to achieve that but I have finally done so. It feels extremely rewarding and I am grateful to everyone who has supported me and who continues to support me in my journey. May this be the next step in realising my dream.

I would like to add that I am not averse to self-publishing. I have self-published many works but the issue is always having the expertise and the funds for the marketing if you choose to go it alone. Always make sure you have an income before trying to self-publish. You will need it.

I have included a link to the video I made regarding my contract with a publisher and you can see it here:https://www.instagram.com/p/CqXjJL9gSEP/