Short Stories

wish upon a bubble

As a boy, Russell played with bubbles and made a wish…..

Unbeknown to him, that bubble floated away and was kept safe by Bubbadream, the wishkeeper.

Years later, Russell’s day is falling apart. So is his life. And the world too it seems. But who would imagine it was all linked to the bubble and the wish attached to it from so many years ago when Russell was a boy?

“Wish upon a Bubble” is a story for children, Young Adults and Adults alike. It is a story that reminds us not to forget about the magic in life and that we should continue to always believe in our dreams because we can make them a reality as long as we have faith and persistent belief in them.

This story also reminds us of the power of our dreams and ultimately the power we have within us to make dreams a reality. 

I was inspired to write this story from an instance when I played bubbles with our daughters. 

Bubbles are just so clear, so perfectly round, weightless and magical and everyone simply loves bubbles. Does it not make perfect sense then to associate wishes with bubbles?

the number one fan’s number one fan

Emma, a fan of rock star Grayston enters a competItion titled, ‘Number One Fan’ through a local radio station. She wins a backstage pass to meet rock star, Grayston after his concert in her city.

Emma doesn’t just meet Grayston but meets his twin brother, Hugo, too.

They look identical and even sound similar. Hugo lives in Grayston’s shadow reluctantly and plays second fiddle to Grayston in everything including their secret past time.

But when they meet Emma, she makes a remark that gives Hugo an idea to change everything. To succeed though, Hugo needs a willing participant, or at least a participant that could appear to be willing even if they aren’t.

Hugo realizes he has the perfect participant already. Emma. He quickly becomes the Number One Fan’s Number One Fan…

love liberated

An old man lies dying in his bed filled with regret for a decision he made ten years ago.

A woman receives an invitation to a party but it’s not from who she thinks. Attending the party threatens to reopen a very painful past not just for her but for others as well.

Will her decision let those affected by the past move forward, or open old wounds and renew the pain that all have lived with as best possible until now?

Can happiness be found again after all this time?