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I’m in love with love and I love couples who are in love. They are my bread and butter after all, but that’s not why I love them.

I love it so much that I became a wedding planner. Watching couples young and old committing their lives to each other is something that’s just so special.

I never get tired of seeing couples stare lovingly into each other’s eyes as they plan, prepare and execute their wedding ceremony pledging their undying love to one another for the rest of their lives.

I haven’t got there yet myself but watching other couples keeps my dream of finding Mr. Right alive. But life doesn’t always see things the way we dream of them turning out. It sure didn’t see it my way when he crossed my path.


I don’t believe in love.

If it really exists, why are there so many broken relationships and people in the world? Not that I care… about the broken relationships I mean. After all, they are my bread and butter. People lay the foundation for the demise of their marriage before they’ve walked down the aisle. Prenups are designed to protect their wealth when the love has gone. Marriage gives couples the right to punish each other when they don’t want to be together anymore.

So, if anyone tells you it starts with a wedding, they’re wrong. It starts with a lawyer. And if it ends… well, it ends with a lawyer too. Funny that.

Often the people I work for before their wedding come knocking on my door a few years down the line. Repeat business. So, love is great, and it is for me, but just not for me, if you get what I mean.

When I met the wedding planner, she was incensed at the thought that we might collaborate. Other planners have no issue with it. I don’t understand why she has an issue with it. Normally I would just walk away, but the universe seems to have other plans…


Zane has worked hard to make the police chief of Hurstville at his age. It’s a job he intends to keep.

An anonymous tip-off leads Zane and his team to arrest a queenpin and her recruits who have been tasked to set up shop in Hurstville.

Hope is ruthless and will let nothing stand in her way not even her feelings for Zane. She has a job to do and has no choice but to do it for a reason she prefers not to disclose to Zane. She nevertheless tries to warn Zane that he can’t win the fight for Hurstville that lies ahead in the hope that he will give up and leave.

But Zane’s not a quitter. He’s never sold out and he’s not about to start now. As a result, he finds himself struggling to juggle his conscience and the need for justice with his feelings for Hope and his desire to save her from the trouble she is involved in.

Hope finally makes it clear where her priorities lie and just as Zane appears to move on and begins to rekindle his relationship with an old flame, Hope drags Zane to the forefront of her actions in Hurstville which threaten to destroy everything Zane has ever wanted and worked for.

Can Zane prove his innocence and get the woman he loves?