The First Junglies series

This is the first Junglies series of children’s books. These stories are ideal for children up to the age of six years.

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Tiger Loses His Stripes

Tiger Loses his Stripes on Amazon

Can a tiger lose its stripes? Aga the tiger has. Aga’s friends help him search for his stripes. Will he find them again and how did he lose them in the first place?

A story about honesty.

Abbit Gets Stuck

Abbit Gets Stuck on Amazon

Abbit has gotten stuck in a tree. His friends try everything to get him down but hope is beginning to fade.

Can he be saved?

This story teaches children about teamwork, that no idea is a silly idea, and that they should never give up.

The Junglies Build a Treehouse

The Junglies Build a Treehouse on Amazon

The Junglies want to see more of the world beyond their home but they can’t.

They build a treehouse so they can see as far as possible and make a discovery …

This story teaches children that sometimes we need to change our perspective to appreciate what we have.

Raff’s Birthday

Raff’s Birthday on Amazon

Raff discovers that his friends are planning to have a party without him.

Raff is disappointed. Why would his friends do such a thing?

This story teaches young readers not to judge a book by its cover and that we should not make assumptions but rather ask questions.

The Singing Contest

The Singing Contest on Amazon

When the friends discover there will be a singing contest in the jungle, they all want to enter on their own.

They soon realize though, that sometimes teamwork is better.