Children’s Books.

Francois has authored three series of children’s books.

The first ‘Junglies’ series of children’s books comprises five books. The books are about the adventures of five jungle animals and each story has a lesson for readers such as helpfulness, persistence, teamwork, and more.

The ‘Junglies’ series of children’s books are about the adventures of five jungle animals and their game warden friend. The stories can also be used to introduce readers to the subject of diversity as the characters in the stories are best friends despite being different. Diversity is a subject that is evergreen in society.

“Aga”, the tiger was inspired by our eldest daughter’s tiger soft toy. At the time that we gave her the toy, she could not say “Tiger”. Instead, she would say “Aga”, and so “Aga” was born. “Elle” the elephant in the ‘Junglies’ stories was our daughter’s first soft toy.

The real "Aga". The inspiration behind "Aga" in "The Junglies" books is alive and well!
The real ‘Aga’

Our daughter still treasures “Aga” to this day and he will always be a ‘best friend’. 

The second ‘Junglies’ series was illustrated by a different artist and comprises of seven stories. The stories are aimed at children up to the age of 8 years and include subjects regarding recycling, camouflage, conservation, helpfulness, and more.

The third series is a series translated and published in the Indonesian language by the Indonesian publisher, PT. Kanisius. It comprises three stories about animals as well. The series is titled, ‘Seri Hewan Unik’.

Some of the children’s books have also been published as AudioBooks.

The ‘Junglies’ books have been translated and published in several languages. In the pages that follow, you will find Francois’ books listed with links to the books in each language.

Please follow the links to get the books in the language of your preference.

Francois has authored other children’s books that have not yet been illustrated and published as he is seeking a publisher.