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Shay’s mother has disappeared.

Her father has become withdrawn following her mother’s disappearance and there is little Shay can do to help.

Then, one night, Shay saves her father from a strange assailant in his study and is carried to another world with her father where the truth about her mother is revealed. Discovering that her mother is apparently not the person Shay has admired all her life, leads Shay to question her own values which she has so proudly built on the image of the perfect marriage which her parents displayed to her as a child.

As Shay comes to terms with her parents’ betrayal, she herself betrays the person who has trusted her the most in this strange kingdom. While she loathes this new behavior she seems unable to stop, since betraying one means protecting another.

While Shay struggles with her own question of values, Shay’s life and the world itself begin to collapse around her.

But life continues and the evil that remains seeks the greatest treasure of all. A power to rule all worlds. For evil does not mourn. And evil has no conscience. And Shay holds a key to access another world which the evil desperately desires….


A decade of planning culminates in a nearly bloodless coup in the Kingdom of Aleghor. King Benedict takes the throne with the intention of eradicating the corruption which was synonymous with the rule and name of his predecessor, King Atomas.

It is a task which proves to be harder than overthrowing the kingdom itself and while Benedict sometimes compromises his values while acting with the best intentions, his actions will take their toll on himself and those who support him.

When loyalties start to fall into question and control starts to slip away from Benedict, how far will he go to ensure the survival of his dream to eradicate the corruption and bring peace to all men in the kingdom? How far and long will the loyalty and love of his supporters last?

This fantasy is set in a city against the backdrop of a city similar to Pompeii and the volcano, Vesuvius. A character similar to Samson in the bible helps to create an epic fantasy story including romance and tragedy while fundamentally following a story line inspired by Cold Play’s song of the same name.

With the events similar to the life of Samson described in this novel, do not expect this story to be religious. It isn’t. It is also only one part of the overall story. It is also not a retelling of the end of Pompeii.

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in another lifetime

“You’ll know her when you see her.”

Lark realizes what his father meant the night he meets Erin. The most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life. It is love at first sight and Lark knows he wants to marry Erin who has captured his heart.

But Erin’s father has other plans for his daughter. He will not allow her to marry a commoner such as Lark and he warns Lark to stay away. When Erin’s father discovers that Erin and Lark have ignored him, he resorts to harsher measures and Lark finds himself cursed to live forever seeking Erin in every life she lives. 

The only way the curse can be broken is with a kiss from Erin but the curse itself makes it a near impossibility for Lark to get close to Erin in this life or the next let alone get her to kiss him.

Lark eventually gives up and resigns himself to a life without Erin but the universe will not be thwarted and no-one gets to turn their back on a curse. Centuries later, Lark meets a girl he believes is Erin reincarnated.

The woman he believes is Erin knows part of his secret and fools him into accepting her as Erin reincarnated. She has her own goals and they do not involve love.

Will Lark discover the truth and will fate bring him the real Erin reincarnated? Will they be together at last and will they survive the challenges thrown at them again even if they can finally beat the curse and be together?

This is a Young Adult Fantasy Romance novel.