we should be teaching our children…

When I wrote this book in the ‘Junglies’ series, I was thinking about the news I had read that scientists had begun searching for a planet that could be a new earth if it so happened that we as mankind could not get our act together and save what we have by showing and making huge efforts in starting to live sustainably.

We have had some progress but still not enough.

This story highlights the need for mankind to conserve our resources on earth as far as possible, in order to ensure that we do not have to make a plan to relocate to another planet for mankind to survive as a species.

When I was reviewing school work with our youngest daughter recently, it was brought home to me that there is much more to this climate change issue than just the question of global warming.

I discovered that the fresh water supply on Earth comprises of less than 1% of the total water on Earth. And it’s not a resource that increases at all. Sadly, the population growth continues, and Earth’s total inhabitants have just passed the 8 billion mark, which means that more and more people are using the limited water supply.

That having been said, we use less than 8% of the total supply for bathing, brushing teeth etc, while most of it is used by business and farming.

Nevertheless, we can all further reduce the amount of water we use by turning off taps when brushing our teeth and washing dishes for example. Save bath water and use it water plants in the house and garden and even to flush the toilet manually. While we can reduce our water usage we need to look at businesses that use a lot of water in producing products and where possible start to move to the use of recycled water or we need to decide which products we can do without which use a lot of water to produce.

We use fresh water to flush our toilets. Should we not rather start to use water from the bath or washing machines? We will save a lot if we make just a few lifestyle changes.

It’s really something to think about. How are you doing your bit for Earth and the environment?

Remember, there are no borders with climate change and there is only one Earth. Each of us is just as responsible as the next person on the planet. Some more so than others as we should be educating others who are not being given the knowledge of what to do to prevent climate change.

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